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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Two Poems by Aditya Shankar

Two Poems by Aditya Shankar


On a night when I cook fish for dinner,
my eyebrow develops fins

and slips away
from our shallow midnights
into a tear mistaken for an ocean

leaving me all alone in the bed
sandwiched between
one day of thankless work and another

and you drown yourself
in a glass of wine
the tip of which curls into a violent dream

You fish in your angry upturned brows
that look like boats

and trick me back into the misery
of a circus tent on my face

I keep smiling all day
unsure about when not to be happy.

Slightly Longer Than Reality

I learn the depth of smell from
the elephant’s snout –

the dark and curly tunnel of desire
that is slightly longer than reality.

When reaching out to the shoots of palm
in the hands of mahout,

he is trying to reach the elusive
smell of the forests’ solitude

and it keeps him going
among the festival crazy people
in my far away burning town

as it kept the child abandoned at the café
hooked to his ice cream

when his parents left for change
and never came back

as it keeps the bachelors
leaving alone in big cities

hooked to the aroma of a new dish they make

each time done to perfection
till the day they meet their elusive love.

Author’s Bio: Aditya Shankar, based in Thrissur, Kerala (India), is a bi-lingual writer and a short film-maker. He writes in English and Malayalam, and has published poetry and articles in leading journals, including The Little Magazine, The Word Plus, Indian Literature, The Literary X Magazine, Munyori, The Pyramid, Poetry Chain, Mastodon Dentist, The Wild Goose Poetry Review, Bayou Review, Meadowland Review, Words-Myth, Chandrabhaga, Miller’s pond, Message in a bottle, Aireings, Hudson View, Snakeskin, The Legendary, Literary Bohemian among others.

His flash fiction has been published in The Caledonia Review and The Other Herald. His short films have participated at International Film Festivals. Currently, he lives and works in Bangalore, after completing his B. Tech in Mechanical Engineering.

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