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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Five Poems by Carl Scharwath Douglas

Five Poems by Carl Scharwath Douglas

Burning Until Dawn
Disillusioned in myself:
Life smolders up one day at a time in the flares of denial. Understood and swallowed in the flames without a blink from knowing eyes. Suddenly the emptiness and the stark grey simplicity of the knowledge arrive. Living in a house eroding, that desires I am not here.
Illicit thoughts subdued in a burning sunrise.

Life mirrors a morning dewdrop, glistening, a small universe perilously cloaked on a forgotten branch evaporating into nothingness.

Hotel City Window
Early morning awakening,
when the day has a fresh grayness,
drifting across the sky.

A woman drinks from a fountain,
head sideways intersecting the flow,
sunlight washes her cheek.

Sitting at the window,
alert vengeance against the treachery
of memories, false hopes and yearnings.

A stark café, devoid in silence, awaits my gaze.
Breeding a humanity of familiarity,
alive in knowing observation of my window.

Perceiving eyes melt and set ablaze
a gauzed protective curtain.
encasing a catacomb of alienation.

Polish Winter
Alienated cold in white freezing hell we stand.
Arbeit Macht Frei gate opens to a
quixotic city of enslavement.

Fearfully the line marches and
human dignity is erased in a
single benumbing footprint.

Red rose adorns
frigid steel barbed wire
crippled clothing soaked in blood.

Facial pocket mirror reveals
dark cholera stricken hues and
emotions long neglected.

Standing cell brethren
ravenous in hunger and questions.
Turned guns recite a tide of commands.

Light taps a helmet and
dances into a goblet of inhumanity.
Block #11 stands assuming in the distance.

I feel the icy fingers of death seizing me.
Take my life I am not afraid.
How many fires must burn, before you hear me?

Night Walk Demise
Forlorn night walk
Shadows melt to
The soul, darkness

Cold breath enlightens
A path invisible
Darkness swallows me

Schizophrenic trees transform
Into street lights
Metal arms grab

Pull to illumination
Warm and secure
Demanding silent attention

Prism carbon black
My outline frozen
Moments in time

Street crossing perils
Voices, car unseen
Seconds till death

Dream like heart
Races to safety
Speed breezes avoided

Thoughts walking home
Fleeing from disaster
Doubted not felt

Destiny and outcomes
Still I exist
Fellowship of living

Author’s Bio: The Orlando Sentinel, Lake Healthy Living and Mature Lifestyles Magazines have all described Carl Scharwath as the "running poet." His interests being a father, competitive running, sprint triathlons and taekwondo (he's a 2nd degree black belt).

His work appears all over the world in publications such as Paper Wasp (Australia), Structo (The UK), Taj Mahal Review (India), Diogen Pro Kultura (Bosnia), and Abandoned Towers. He was also recently awarded “Best in Issue” in Haiku Reality Magazine. His first short story was published last July in the Birmingham Arts Journal. His favorite authors are Hermann Hesse and Edith Wharton.

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