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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Dreams Sculpted Masterpiece by Ramakrishna Perugu

Dreams Sculpted Masterpiece by Ramakrishna Perugu

For me
You are his revered image

Our wonderful wedlock’s
 Reverie chiseled sculpture art thou
You are the productive chapter
Of our romantic summit union of affection

You are the cardinal foot print
Among the reminiscences left behind by
The setting eye of mine countenance sky
You are the collective measure of light
Emanated from the beautiful flowery unfinished smiles
Of my past seven births

In this last leg of my life
In the scorching sun soaked desert
You are my umbrella bearer and the guardian angel
Fighting my problems for me
You are my debt chained one man army
Protecting me from the drenching tear filled clouds
You are the whirlwind of soothing smiles
He is the verve of my existence
And you are our élan’s introductory sentence

Whenever the serpent of time does molt
And the seasons gently touch the lips of the floret
When the blessed souls call on their beloved ones
In the roars of inundating oceans
The floating drops of desires on the unstable lotus leaves
Whenever they try to disturb my mind pond

I find solace and his nearness
In your pure placating smiles
And in them I recoup my wilting self- confidence

You are the extension of his life
And the present left by him for my existence
You are my life saver and my life.

Telugu Original: Perugu Ramakrishna, India
Translation by: Dr.Lanka Sivaram Prasad, India

Author’s Bio: Perugu Ramakrishna, born in Nellore, is a tax officer by profession but poetry is his first passion. He has been writing poetry in Telugu for the last 25 years and has been widely published in several e-journals including Muse India and other anthologies. His works have been translated into many other languages such as Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada, Bengali and Hindi. He has published nine books of poetry anthologies and has edited two short story anthologies. Recently a collection "Flamingo and other poems" in English is published by Monfakira, Kolkotta.

He has participated in several national and international fests including Sahithya Akademi "New Voices' at Trivandrum, International Poetry Fest of Kritya at CIIL, Mysore, SAARC festival of literature at Delhi and Agra, recently attended World Congress of Poets - 2011 at Larissa, Greece and got Exellency of Poetry Award. He is a recipient of Andhra Pradesh State Government Visista Kavi Puraskaram from CM Dr.YSR-2008 among others.

He can be reached at:

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