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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Three Poems by Lisa John

Three Poems by Lisa John

Love Letters

To my one and true love,
Who will not love me back.
I will not give up,
Till your heart no longer black.
I’ll wait till you’re ready,
To say how you feel.
I will not give up
For my heart you did steal.
Why don’t you love me,
I just don’t understand,
Why my heart
You refuse to unhand.
I have told you one; too many times,
That my love for you is unconditional
That my love for you will never be undone
But your hatred for me is immense
And your love for me is...
Well there is none...

Goodbye (I still love you)

I never got to say goodbye
Or even show you how I feel
I never got to tell you
That my heart you did steal
I never got the chance to say
How wonderful you were
Everything happened so fast
To me it’s still a blur.
I knew you loved me deeply
And for that I’m truly grateful
But you left so suddenly
The memory is still painful
But now I know the truth
And my confidence; well it grew
So from the bottom of my heart
I loved you too

After math

It’s been years
Since my heart broke
But it still isn’t mending
It’s been years since you left me
But the darkness; it’s still descending

Co’s when you left so did half my heart
So my chest feels unbearably empty
And you haven’t come back
So my chest remains empty

My mind trapped in the past
Replaying our last moments together
Still working hard to find out
Why we didn’t stay entwined forever

My arms are so weak
As they try to reach out for you
But you’re not here remember
So my arms they ache too

So you left my heart empty
And you left my mind trapped
You left my arms aching
But you left my soul cracked

Author’s Bio: 12 year old Lisa John attends Kingsford Communtiy School in Beckton London and had been writing poetry since she was 10. Her first poem she wrote was called Willow tree and since has been published in 'young writers poetry book' after she won a competition. Now Lisa has written an estimated 30 poems and still carries on writing. She hopes to pursue her dream of becoming a writer.

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