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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Birthday Cake by Lucas Wilson

Birthday Cake by Lucas Wilson

Try me...
Lie with me...
Buy me.
Everything you see, you can take.
But not just my tangible flesh,
but also my innocence and confidence you break.
You steal my small lips,
my mouth that is fake,
painted red to make
me seem older than I actually am,
for your sake.
But really what I should be putting in my mouth...
Is the cake from my ninth birthday...
But hey, that's not what matters today;
all you want to do is lay, pay and go on your way—not to take care of this lonely girl
and give her not a diamond or a pearl or rubies...
But simply, perhaps, maybe, take me to the movies? An ice cream cone? A teddy bear?
But like I said,
you don't care.
You wear your business suit to cover up your skeletons hanging in your sport jacket,
not in the closet,
because instead that's where we fucking well had sex,
us two...
Oh sorry, did I offend you?
Because what shocks me more was that you were more disturbed by my speech being off-hand
than the fact that last night I was raped by some man.

Author’s Bio: Lucas Wilson, originally from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, is a college student in Lynchburg, Virginia. He has a keen interest in social justice and has been to Tanzania to do work with inner city youth and rural people groups. His hope is to be a high school teacher in inner city Toronto or Hamilton, Ontario after graduation. He wants to be a light in a dark place.

The piece Birthday Cake is about a nine year old child prostitute in the sex industry in South East Asia. Lucas sheds light on the fact that there is such a despicable reality in the world and hopes this piece will bring awareness to the subject.

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