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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Scratched Thoughts!!! by Arya

Scratched Thoughts!!! (A Poem)

Carefully optimizing life, I moved on,
Contemplating the fact that I am stirred
Then, with tranquility around, a sound I heard
“Don’t you want to look back once?” echoes to me referred

Scratched duplicated thoughts,
Why was I getting them in the first place?
I had chosen what was meant to be
It was karma, for me to displace

Peace is a strange word
It rages many wars
I had lived upon this notion of peace
Fighting endless unwanted wars

It was a resonance of emotions or
Was it a deep abyss of thoughts?
I was at a pavement of the road
That I had already crossed.

There were flowers on the way,
& there were pebbles piled upon
Plucking the stones, I gathered them all
& left the flowers for companions, I moved on…

Author's Bio: Arya is the pen name of Abhay Chokshi. Arya a technical writer in a software company based in Ahmedabad (India). He is an emerging writer but has the fire of a great writer. He would like to define himself as: I am a writer with a panache. Just a bore on few days but on other ones, I am as inquisitive as radiant moving water. I love to write (I know everyone says that but..) and that separates me from the rest. Someday, I will prove my point. I am slightly insane but then world needs a bit of it.

1 comment:

  1. Really a nice poem. The thoughts are conveyed in a very free-flowing language...

    Good job!

    Kaal 4 Flash


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