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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Memories of Moonlight by Aparajita

Memories of Moonlight by Aparajita

Through coconut leaves
Flows the silvery light
While the leaves move gently
The moonlight plays hide and seek
The cow under the peepal with its calf
The serene water in the nearby pond
The swaying lilies in the mild breeze
The scent of jasmines in the summer night
In the night’s hug sleeps the silent world
While I drench in the silver light
Grandpa adjusts his silvery beard
Our silver pug stretches at my bedside
Talat’s song carried by the wind
Soothes my chilled mind.

Author's Bio: Aparajita is the pen name of Kameshwari Ayyagari. An avid reader of poetry and fiction, Aparajita is a lecturer in the department of Humanities and Sciences at Malla Reddy Institute of Technology & Science (M.R.I.T.S), Maisammaguda, Secunderabad, Andhra Pradesh. Her poetry paints vivid imagery and takes you on a tour in the world of pure imagination where you will forget anything about the world for a moment.

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  1. The poem is a nice attempt of expressing the feelings. While going through, the reader feels as if he/she is experiencing the coolness of the moonlight and peace of the night. Congrats and continue.. Ravi


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