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Saturday, October 12, 2019

Submission for CLRI Print Edition 2020 Open Now

Submission for CLRI Print Edition 2020 (ISSN 2250-3366)

Submission to our print edition is open now. Our print edition is circulated to various authors in India and abroad, to various libraries in India, is listed on various online bookstores for sale as soft copy and paperback copy. For details, check here.

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Contemporary Literary Review India (CLRI) is at par with UGC's list of approved journals as per new notification. CLRI is a peer-reviewed and refereed journal. It is an open access (OA) journal with high Publication Impact Factor 8.1458. For details, please see About the Journal

Other Submissions

We accept submissions on various themes and categories. For details, please see Announcements.

Award Nominations

We nominate authors published with CLRI to various prizes and awards. Three important factors determine who we nominate for any wards. (1) If you comply with our submission guidelines. (2) Your article is well written, edited, and is free of plagiarism. (3) Wider viewership. To know in detail, see CLRIStarted Nomination for Awards.
See the complete list of nominees here.

Book Reviews

We receive huge response for book review. If you have written a book and looking for a book review, submit your book for review. See the details here.

Authors & Books

We promote authors and publish book releases, book reviews and interviews. If you have got your book published, check here for lots many activities.

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