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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Two Poems by Tatjana Debeljački

Two Poems by Tatjana Debeljački

In The Whiteness by Tatjana Debeljački
Legs tied to a bouquet of roses;
hands free for prayer;
hair covered by buds;
her name born by a proud peacock.
Angel light, illuminate
the image of a yellow rose and promiscuity
Saints shameless and fearless.
Love alters us.
They deprived it of
toys and a lover.

TAM-TAM by Tatjana Debeljački
I'm looking for the colour and light
Everything taken by the rhythm,
Now I know the dance of the black people
It's just I don't walk upon the carpet of sand

Tam-tam is now the dance
Of cats and dogs
Try to think of what is happening
In the excited crowd
Me the rhythm and sound,
Present and past—
Here I am!
Everybody stand up!
You, stranger,
Stomping with me
Could you love,
Or just dance tam-tam?
My spring is coming!
That is why I don't get hungry, thirsty,
I'm not sad, I'm not afraid
I leave heroes and wars behind,
Their battles and defeats
Freedom is my goal.
My spring is coming
Because I know one slow dance,
Dance to the sound of DRUMS.

Author’s Bio
Tatjana Debeljački, born 1967 in Užice writes poetry, short stories, stories and haiku. She is a member of many literary entities such as Association of Writers of Serbia–UKS, and Haiku Society of Serbia - HDS Serbia, etc. She is a deputy to the main editor (cooperation with magazines & interviews, Her poetry and haiku have been translated into several languages.

To download in PDF, click Poems by Tatjana Debeljacki

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