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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Life Taken by Anastasia Rychko

Life Taken by Anastasia Rychko
We are skin to skin. Heart to heart. I feel your heart beat harder and harder with my every touch. I feel the warmth of your eyes penetrate my being. Through you I see the beauty of life, the beauty that has never been available to me. Through you I see what life can be. But in your eyes I see me, and I know I cannot stop what is inside, the natural stride of my battered heart.

I want you to save me, because the love I feel for you begs me to save you. Yet I know that that I cannot do if I am not saved from what is inside my rotten soul. A lost part of me tells me to run, run as far as I can to save the only beauty that my heart has ever known yet the me that controls my world pins me to the floor and I know I have no choice.

I kiss your neck. So truly, so passionately. Holding my breath with each kiss, knowing this will kill the last part of me that is human. Yet there is no way out of the abyss I have become. I hold you close and say goodbye, with a tear rolling down my eye, to you I say goodbye. Now it begins the horror of my world. Now I yearn, the blood in your veins I yearn. Your neck beckons me, calling me, teasing me, singing and dancing to the tune of the nightmare that is my world. I tear at your skin with my teeth and feel the blood run down my skin, so warm and red. I feel your heart stop, and I feel mine come out of my chest to stay with you in the world unknown that only you and it will see.

I lose myself the moment I lose you. My heart is gone and so are you. As the last part of the person I was dies, it says thank God my heart is gone from the body so filthy, so dead and so unreal. It thanks you for taking it away. Oh what a shame it is you had to die for this one moment of my heart’s final escape. It bids my heart farewell and asks it to beg for your forgiveness and promises its undying love in a world so different

Author’s Bio: Anastasia Rychko is 17 and lives in Kenya. He writes as it is his passion.

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