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Thursday, January 12, 2012

CLRI’s Innovative Approaches Appreciated

CLRI’s Innovative Approaches Appreciated

Contemporary Literary Review: India (CLRI), as ever, has been rising on its popularity chart because of its innovative approaches.  CLRI is not simply a literary journal which publishes writings and waits people should come and adulate us. CLRI has many missions. It wants to create a platform where writers find it comfortable to breathe with ultimate freedom as they want. And on time. The writers are paid for their work. However this cannot be possible without your support.

That is why we started some paid services with us. We added a column for review and we pay to our valuable review writers. Our reviews are a deep excavation of the theme and subject of a book, whether the writer of the book stands distinctly from other writers in the same subject, and what types of readers should read the book.  Our reviews are not like the reviews published with some literary journals which seem that one can write such a review even without reading a book in its entirety.  We consider such reviews rather a casual comment than a genuine review. To ensure we produce a quality review, which helps the readers understand whether they should read it, costs us as our review writers are professionals, we pay to them, and we work on them thoroughly. 

That’s why getting a book reviewed by CLRI is a paid service. Please be clear we ask for a fee for writing a review and not for publishing a review. However you are free to send us your reviews written by other writers to us for publishing.

In near future we will start paying to the creative writers as well whose works are selected for the print version of Contemporary Literary Review: India. This means we will pay for poetry, stories, and other creative pieces also. Presently we give a contributory copy for free. So please send us your best writing as it may bring you buckload applause.

Yeah, many writers would say that they do not write for money but please believe me people give more value to the writers whose pieces are sold. They believe their writings are sold because they have value.

Soon we are going to add some more columns such as on Designing and Modeling so that we make our journal not a work done by a backroom boy but a boy who is young and energetic, who has verve, who has the potentiality to become rich in thought, musing, and money.

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