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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Bharatnatyam by Tahera Mannan

Bharatnatyam by Tahera Mannan

The lucid flow of her dance
A marriage of mythology and philosophy
Evolution of the soul, body and psyche
I fell into a spiritual trance

The expression of pure joy and beauty
Her subtle actions bloom along
As she moves to the melodious song
Portraying love, fear, anger and duty

Her dance an illusion on my soul
A blissful state in the air
A snow white swan in prayer
This devdasi with enticing eyes of kohl

Author's Bio: Tahera Mannan from Nagpur, (Maharshtra), is an emerging poet. She has written over 250 poems and participated in many cultural and literary festivals such as the Kritya International Poetry Festival organised at L.A.D.& S.R.P. College for Women, Nagpur (India) etc.

Tahera seems to be enthralled by the classical dance from Bharatnatyam of India. This was traditionally performed by devdasis, who were women living in temples.


  1. Love the imagery and the emotions that you portray through your words just like the dancer in this gem of yours Tahera..

  2. Congratulations Tara! One of the best poems I have read from you so far.
    ~Khadija Ali


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