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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Life — Step by Step by Dr Alka Agrawal

Life — Step by Step by Dr Alka Agrawal

Loving someone from heart fills life
The rainbow appears not in sky but on earth
Heart dreams of unknown moments
Mind looses power of thinking.

Living with someone you love changes life
Future appears secured in other’s hands
Life’s routine is scheduled afresh
Plannings are made for new ones.

Fulfilling responsibilities together
Duties appear not burdensome but a game
Children fill the emptiness of home
Providing a feeling of completeness.

Tolerating each other’s mistakes creates a void
Trust shatters for lack of faith
Small conflicts turn into mountains
Former relations resurge with new importance.

Leading life peacefully becomes a dream
Ambitions smothering within heart
Laughing, loving and merry-makings
The outer attire of internal disturbance.

Aspiring for a better future
Ambitions limited to financial soundness
Loneliness amid speck of laughter
Then life is but an ocean of pain.

Author's Bio: Dr Alka Agrawal teaches English as an Associate Professor at N K B M G PG College, Chandausi, Moradabad (UP). She writes poems and stories and has special interest in Indian literature written in English. Her articles have been published in many journals and anthologies. She has presented papers at various conferences and seminars of national and international levels. At present she is working on a minor research project funded by UGC.

Dr Alka paints a picture of life what it may be if there is trust and what impact it can have if there is mistrust.

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