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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Life in a City by Yamini

Life in a City by Yamini

Life in a city starts with
an alarm—
a whistle
that is blown in the house next door
not by a child but by the cooker.

While life in the country starts with
a song—
sung by a cuckoo,
A wake-up call—
beguiled by a cock.

people throng to cities,
in pursuit of opportunities
the more precious opportunity,
to live with nature.

Should I give a call to all,
to live with nature–a priceless treasure?

Author's Bio: Yamini is the pen name of Nagamani Nanduri. A research scholar (PhD) at Andhra University, Yamin is working as a lecturer in the department of Sciences and Humanities at Sreenidhi Institute of Science and Technology, (S.N.I.S.T.) Yamanampet, Hyderabad (A. P.). She has seven years of teaching experience.

Yamini shows great concern about the life, which is more mechanical, in the city. She argues that we run to the cities for pleasure but the country has more pleasure awaiting us. Her call is very apt given the rising concern over warming of earth world wide.

She has the power to say the simple thing in simple words through poetry.

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