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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Reviews on the poems published in Ryze during the week, April 24-30, 2010.

Review: 1
Title: A pet is not a child, some say...
Genre: Poem
Author: Diane Tegarden
Publisher: Ryze Business Network

Review: Diane Tegarden creates a world of exceptional love and compassion for the pets in her poem A pet is not a child, some say.... She finds the pets are nothing less than our children as we bring them up with all the morals as we do our children. We try our best to keep them happy. We are worried when they fall ill or are in trouble, and we feel sad at their loss.

Though the poem is lacking in crafts, the poet’s use of words at some places is picturesque such as the lines:
“They soon outgrow your baby toys
and cute little childhood habits.”

Review: 2
Title: 3 poems : rock ; paper ; scissor
Genre: Poem
Author: Priya Shah
Publisher: Ryze Business Network

Review: The poem Rock is mere an obsession, which does not seem to go beyond. Paper is yet again tethered around the inseparable requirement of the stuff paper, while Scissor promises some hope for crafts.

Review: 3
Title: I P L Confetti
Genre: Poem
Author: Manohar Bhatia
Publisher: Ryze Business Network

Review: Manohar Bhatia flashlights on the indoor as well as the outdoor spectrum of the Indian Premier League for cricket in his poem I P L Confetti. You can see the people reacting to the current goings on, on the cricket ground as it offers something for everyone. At the same time, Manohar is worried about the fate of the glamorous game, given the recent allegation of irregularities and corruption.

Review: 4
Title: Exciting Journeys-Unpredictable Destinations
Genre: Poem
Author: Rampyari Walia
Publisher: Ryze Business Network

Review: The poem Exciting Journeys-Unpredictable Destinations depicts promises of a good future poet. Though the subject is well known, the expression is yet innovative. There lies its strength. When you have thirst for something you take onto the journeys without fear that is what Rampyari says straightforward.

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