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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Poems by Ameen Fayaz

In the Colony of my Mind

Living and thinking in the colony of my mind
I construct images of people living around
I give them colours and I give them races
In the chains of classes I bind them forever
I manufacture slaves in the colony of my mind
I fantasize about virgin pastures in the colony of my mind
From this colony mind start the horrors
That divide and wreak havocs
In the narrow lanes of this colony
That is full of thorns and ill will
Enemies and others are constructed and fought against
Hell lives in this colony itself if it is not liberated
Heaven can be experienced there if it is purified
From this colony itself Hitler started his ill designed march
Once liberated, great souls are  also born
This colony is a jungle of ideas
This colony is also the paradise of peace
When it’s others it is very dangerous
When it loves it is the most beautiful
Oft alone when I think
I think and think and think without any end
And find many fatal paths to tread in this colony
Which if not distracted by the Divine Word
Can make me the worst under the sun
The colony of the mind needs to be liberated!

I Still Possess You

How does it matter that I do not possess you?
I still possess you without any possession
In my mind, in my heart
I have niches only for you
Among the stars and the moon
I have reserved space only for you
In the mirror of Jhelum river
I do not see my face but you
In the crowds of people
My eyes search your shadow and find you in every face
How does possession matters?
I possess you though I do not have you!
In the mountains of Kashmir valley
When Musical waters lull me to sleep
I hear you talking to me and soothing my pain!
For me there exist no barriers and boundaries
They are all constructions of human mind
When I remember you
That is the biggest satisfaction I have
When I am distracted
That is the horror of all horrors!
Oft away when I go
In search of peace for the colony of my mind
It is your remembrance that HOLDS ME aloft
At least for a moment
At least for a day
I live in your memory
In a forced forgetfulness of all
I possess you
Even though I am far far away from you!

Ameen Fayaz is an Assistant Professor of English with University of Kashmir (north campus), Delina Baramulla, Kashmir, India.

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