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Sunday, September 21, 2014

A Walk by Molshree Ambastha

A Walk by Molshree Ambastha

My eyes were wide open at 5 O’clock on Sunday morning I was twisting and tossing on bed to snooze again, but sleep was miles apart from my eyes. At a snail's pace, childhood memories started taking precedence over my mind. Down the memory lane, I could feel alive those beautiful days when I used to go for morning walks holding my daddy’s finger, hopping through the woods I could still hear, in the silence of morning, nature’s twittering, could feel polite splashes of fresh breeze on my cheeks and the sweet pleasant smell of mud wet with morning dew was filled in my lungs. The ultimate green view, was gyrating in front of my eyes…soft green of new leaves, dark green of old ones with a tint of pale yellow, every single shade of green adding a meaning to life. The orange ball appearing from far-flung was spreading its colour everywhere. The scene was unforgettable when morning rays shining on green leaves with dew on top, portrayed the most beautiful painting of God.

The reminiscences rejuvenated me and provoked me to jump out of the bed and with the craving to live each moment once again. I skipped out of the bed and started searching for my sneakers; at last I found them in the corner of the shoe rack as the most neglected pair. The whole idea of morning walk was thrilling me from inside. Finally, I was out of my sophisticated shell on my feet after a long time.

With the crack of dawn the orange ball started peeping from behind the concrete bars like a five years old kid, I wanted to cross every hurdle and have a glimpse of the ball Crossing Concrete jungle of Oak, Rosewood, Banyan, Teak etc found Asoka tree standing as mascot of greenery, surrounded by tree guards with a message ‘GREEN CITY CLEAN CITY’.

My eyes were still following Sun…Peep-peep & broom-broom rhythm with birds tweeting in background made me realise that I was out of the premises of my ECO-CITY Apartments. The motorway begins to run from early morning. Trees were standing on both the side of motorway, but greenery was underneath the dusky layer of smoulder and grime I took a deep breath to feel the pleasant morning breeze, as I used to experience in my childhood, but “aashoo” a stink of garbage & sewer blend with array of smoke fill in my nostrils.

In the vicinity nearby, morning joggers with their bulky body going towards Joggers Park in their luxurious cars are often evident. The parking-lot is almost occupied with chalk and cheese varieties of motor vehicles Shilly-shally, I entered the manmade Oasis. The Place was bit crowded but still it was far away from rush life Akin to obedient students, Trees & plants were standing in straight line with apt distance. Ground was carpeted with green soft grass, neatly separated by well built pathway of tiles Natural green colour was perceptible here.

The revitalizing site was welcoming and uplifting everyone irrespective of their dimensions and longevity. As the view was reaching the nerves via eyes, all the worries were flying out of my brain I could feel fresh air there and found myself in zero gravity. Suddenly, bark of a dog alarmed me and brought me back in severity. Everyone around have their own motto of coming here. Most of them were trying to burn their extra calories. A group was doing yoga in pleasant atmosphere while a laughter group was filling the atmosphere with joyfulness.

On my way back, the kid inside me had started recapitulating how nature has adjusted with us for its own survival….Now it’s our turn to adjust for the survival of NATURE.

Molshree Ambastha is a writer. Many of her poems and stories have been published by various journals.


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