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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Haiku by Sanchita Choudhury

Haiku by Sanchita Choudhury
Winged time brings me here
Withered time emancipates
Time is immortal.

Droplets melt in rain
Incessant drops oozing new
Yet we need some more.

Needless to move on
We move in the frame of time
Race with time no more.

Stars and stars amassed
A full moon night no special-
A treat for the moon.

Feathers together
Can’t infuse life in a bird

Author’s Bio: Sanchita Choudhury works as an Assistant Professor and DIC (department-in-charge) in Padmanava College of Engineering, Rourkela in the Department of Humanities. She has completed her Ph. D from IIT Kharagpur in the field of Ethnomusicology. She is also a performing artist (vocal). Sanchita is a poetry lover and spends her time writing poems and experimenting with different genres of poetry. She is a UGC trainer of Capacity Building of Women Managers.


  1. first4 of poems are fine.. but the last one made me confuse. its last line is complicated.

  2. These 5 haiku are excellent. you may comprehend them in your own ways, but you get some wonderful meanings

  3. small poems conveying great meanings. These are very good compositions. hats off to the poet


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