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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Satyagraha by Mark L.O. Kempf

Satyagraha by Mark L.O. Kempf
I. Spectacle
Gandhi turns his head
to look past his inquisitors.
They see themselves in his glass,
then the sea of Indian faces
absorbed into his gaze

II. The Last Rub
and finally, the assassin's bullet
lay the Mahatma on the ground
and his feet rested

III. Gandhi’s Magic Trick
pocket watch
August 15, 1947

Author’s Bio
Mark L.O. Kempf lives in Southern Ontario, Canada, where he resists the urge to write only about snow, biting insects and big neighbours. Married for over thirty years, he is pre-occupied with two grown boys and an insatiable wilderness canoe hobby. He writes in a wide range of styles, including respectful nods to masters of the 20th century. He has been published in magazines and his poems have hung on art gallery walls. His prime focus is reflecting societal concerns but often with the individual’s personal insight as part of a universal concern. Mark is still panting in pursuit of the art form’s nobler expressions. Publishing Credits include Vox Humana, Short, Fast & Deadly Writer’s Bloc, Great Laker Review, Mid West Mirage, And/Or YouandMe Gallery etc.

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