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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Submission Call: CLRI Themed Issues for 2016

Submission Call: CLRI Themed Issues for 2016

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Submission Call

CLRI Themed Issues for 2016

Vol 1, No. 3, CLRI August 2016
Dalit literary canons: Explore the space the Dalit community enjoys in the society and its struggle to coexist, treatment of the Dalit factors in Indian English literature, Dalit writers and writers writing for Dalit establishment, social culture of the Dalit people, social stigma associated with the Dalit people, their social and political status,  political struggle for establishment, the Dalit women, racial differences, if skin is a factor for heterogeneity, tales prevalent within the Dalit people, emancipation of the Dalit people and hope of betterment of their plight.
Submission Expiry: June 30, 2016
Vol 1, No. 4, CLRI November 2016
Nationalism and Indianism in Indian English literary: Explore heterogeneity in cultures, harmony as main factor for unity, competing narratives of nationalism, fantasy and realism of nationalism, writers who stand for nationalism, nationalism as a factor for Indianism, Indianism is different from Hinduism, secular culture of the Indians, secular ethos in Hindu religion.
Submission Expiry: September 30, 2016
Submission Category: Criticism/Research Papers
Citation: Use ample incitation, footnotes, and quotes in your papers. Your papers should be research paper in the real sense and not like a literary essay.
Paper Type: Include an abstract, your research paper, and bibliography.
Submission Type: Your material should be previously unpublished. Don’t submit if you cannot wait for our reply. We don’t accept simultaneous submission in themed category.
Author’s Bio: Include your brief bio, contact address along with your contact number and email, a recent photograph.
Winning Prize: The best paper will win a citation and an award of Rs. 1000.00 in cash.  
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Contemporary Literary Review India

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